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Learn “How I got 90K+ followers without spending a dime.”

Wednesday May 8th, 1 pm – 2:30 pm PT

Webinar and Q&A: $25.00

One hour webinar with 30 minutes Q&A

About the class: This webinar and Q&A session will give you a wealth of tips & tricks for promoting your business, your nonprofit organization, or yourself, in order to generate awareness, leads and sales.

Who it’s for: Whatever your business category, and whether you are bricks & mortar with a physical location, or online-only — as long as you have something to promote on the web, this seminar is for you!

No previous web marketing experience required. All topics will be discussed at “business owner” level, not in tech-speak.

All participants receive a takeaway presentation deck as a resource for future reference, plus the class and Q&A will be available as a recording after the event.

See Class Topics Below

My background: Since working in web marketing and development for companies including global agency MRM Worldwide and entertainment giant The Walt Disney Company, I have grown a personal/activist Tumblr blog from 0 to 91,100+ followers – all organically with no ad spend whatsoever, and no automated “spambot” software.

Screenshot: 30 days engagement on my Tumblr blog, with 57,710 likes & shares, and 433 new followers (screenshot taken 7/5/22).

Class Description

Topics include:

1. How to turn your website into a search engine magnet

One of my clients, a meditation coach, currently gets 1,800 visits a month to her small website thanks to content marketing — 1,200/month to a single page!

Another client — a landscaper — has recently had to pass on projects because he’s getting so many inquiry calls. He’s now looking to hire a manager and additional crew!

2. How to grow your social media following, and turn your social channels into lead/sales funnels

Regardless of which channel(s) you use, these tips will help you grow a following and get the most from your effort in terms of exposure/awareness, leads and sales.

3. Content strategy & development

Efficiency tips that show you how to create and post online content quicker and more frequently, without sacrificing quality.

4. Working the Systems

Whatever platforms you’re promoting and selling on — your website, social channels, online directories, eCom sites like Amazon or Etsy — learn the principles for optimizing your presence, so that you show up in front of more viewers and potential customers.

By applying my recommendations, my composer/teacher father’s podcast is now a leading songwriting podcast on Spotify and iTunes, with thousands of monthly listeners!

Any questions? Contact me and I’ll respond within 1 business day!

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