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After a year plus of using CleanTalk for our website and dozens of client sites, here’s an update: not a single site has had a spam issue in the year plus since we started using the service!

Three of the main things I look for in any software or web solution are: 1) It works (controversial but I’m sticking with it), 2) ease of use and maintenance, and 3) reasonable cost. Cleantalk is three for three here. The filtering has worked perfectly, the cost is low, and it has been as near “set it and forget it” as you can get. In fifteen months I’ve only twice had to tweak a configuration in the CleanTalk settings.

One of CleanTalk’s feature is a firewall. In two cases I had a client write to say they were seeing an interstitial “verifying you’re human” screen with a few second countdown. When I looked into that issue, support threads pointed out that this can occur if there’s a cache issue independent from the service, at the hosting end for example. Clearing the cache will resolve the issue, but if you have a host or site with frequent cache issues, you can simply uncheck the Firewall option in Cleantalk. After doing this, I found that spam continued to be filtered for those sites successfully, with no more reports of the interstitial screen.

Bottom line: we continue to use CleanTalk for our anti-spam service, and recommend it to anyone who is sick of getting spam contact submissions, form entries, and post comments on their site.

Here’s my original post and you can sign up for a free trial here: CleanTalk anti-spam

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