How to Make Money as an Online Freelancer with Upwork


Tuesday May 23rd, 1-2 pm PT

Want to make money as an online freelancer? Learn how to get well-paying jobs through Upwork. Connect with clients from all over the world and find freelance jobs that fit your skills and interests.

As a freelancer, I know how challenging it can be to find work quickly when you need to cover bills. That’s why I joined Upwork and landed a job worth over $1,000 within days. I then hit a frustrating dry spell for weeks, until I adjusted my strategy. With my new approach, I quickly landed a number of jobs in a row, making over $6,000 in freelance website and copywriting work these last few months.

Let me show you how to to “skip the learning curve” and go straight to landing interviews and jobs! In this webinar, I’ll teach you everything you need to know to start making money as a freelancer on Upwork.

See the list of Class Topics below.

All participants will have access to the class video and presentation deck afterwards as a reference resource.

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Your path to freelance success on Upwork:

1. Set up a Profile That Gets You Hired

Learn how to create a profile that stands out and showcases your skills and experience.

2. Find the Best Jobs

Discover the best ways to find jobs that match your skills, interests, and desired rate.

3. Write winning proposals

Learn how to write proposals that are tailored to each job and client, and that highlight your strengths and experience.

4. Work the System

Upwork uses a paid “Connects” system where it generally costs $0.50 to $1.00 to apply for a job, and more to boost your proposal for higher exposure. Learn how to spend the least in order to earn the most.

5. Get Paid Quickly

Get clear on the different project types (hourly, by milestone, and fixed bid) and payment methods available, how to set up payment milestones, and how to ensure you get paid on time.

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